V13 Media Launches as Rebranded Digital Media Platform. Brand New Website online now

Toronto, ON – March 23, 2020 – Today, longstanding Canadian Publisher, PureGrainMedia launches V13 Media, a consolidation of previous publications Sax&Violins, V13.ca, MaxMuzik.com, and PureGrainAudio (and un-launched site, PureGrainVideo) covering art, music, news and culture worldwide. Audiences can find all of their favourite content – past and present – from all sites here.

Flagship website, PureGrainAudio, was established in 2001 and would have celebrated its 15th anniversary this week on March 28. Founders and Management team, Christopher Gonda, Aaron Willschick, and Graham Finney decided to rebrand as V13 – a new beginning, but also an homage to a website they ran before founding PureGrainAudio.

“Without knowing it, PureGrainMedia was born in 2001 with the launch of several websites while I was still attending University,” Gonda comments on the publication’s humble start. “As my love for web design, the internet, writing, editing and publishing continued to fuse with music, sociology and politics, what began as vampire13.ath.cx (don’t ask) morphed into V-13.com only to evolve into PureGrainAudio.com, which launched in March of 2005.”

With an excellent and committed global team of journalists, writers, and photographers with varied tastes and passions, Gonda, Willschick and Finney decided it was logical that they combined all sites into one new home wherein contributors are free to cover the music, film, TV, documentaries, pop culture, and socio-political stories that mean the most to them.

PureGrainAudio grew into a leading web destination for all things “heavy music” inclusive of Alternative, Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Metal, and Indie coverage, and would acquire and partner with several other popular blogs such as PlanetLoud, Lithium Magazine, and Broken Amp. In 2019, spurred by the shared interests within their incredible team, in a broad array of subjects and musical genres, PureGrainMedia once again grew with the launch of the Classical, Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Folk-focused, Sax&Violins, socio-political coverage on V13.ca, and the acquisition of Electronica, Dance, EDM site, MaxMuzik.com.

“Running multiple sites has proven to be highly rewarding but also challenging so, with a continued focus on streamlining productivity, what better time than PureGrainAudio’s 15th anniversary and in 2020, the year of hindsight, to relaunch?” the team says. “We have merged all of our properties into one new home with a brand that recalls our humble beginnings. Welcome to V13 Media. Vita. Veritas. Vox Populi.”




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