PureGrainMedia Announces the Launch of ‘V13 Promotions’

Joins PRESSEDFRESH COLLECTIVE, Will Provide Promotional Services Across Industries

Today, PureGrainMedia announces the creation of V13 Promotions, its new promotional business operating in tandem with V13 Media. The move will be made in partnership with PressedFresh Collective, headed by industry expert Dawn Jones and her team. PureGrainMedia and PressedFresh Collective first joined forces in April 2020 when the former began hosting imPPRESSED, PressedFresh’s indie music blog, as an exclusive, dedicated column on V13.net (which has since been fully acquired by V13).

V13 Media’s newly appointed Director of Communications, Lance Marwood, has been tasked with helming the venture going forward. Speaking on the development, Mr. Marwood said, “We’ve identified the need for promotional services that the V13 brand is uniquely situated to provide. As V13 Promotions, we will be partnering with PressedFresh Collective, which will enable greater representation of artists and creatives across all industries. I’m proud of the growth we’ve already accomplished in the past year; I can’t think of better partners to take that even further.”

When asked about the partnership, PressedFresh Collective founder Dawn Jones explained: “After a long-standing relationship with V13 as one of the leading indie music tastemakers in the industry today, I’m so excited to officially be partnering with them as part of our PressedFresh Collective as they expand into promotions for independent artists. These guys are exceptional in their fields and have decades of industry experience to prove it.”

V13 Promotions will offer core promotional services, including press releases, professional bios, electronic press kits, and media distribution. “Our extensive experience, our sizable network, and our prominent media flagship are the key factors,” Marwood advised when asked about what will set V13 Promotions apart from the competition. “Our ability to liaise with partners, enlist experts, and achieve exceptional outcomes has created incredible opportunities for us. I want to thank Dawn and the team at PressedFresh Collective for the brilliant work they’ve done with V13, and I look forward to working with them closely in this space.”

PressedFresh Collective is a “one-stop-shop” of industry professionals of “à-la-carte label-like support” empowering artists to stay independent. Providing the benefits of a label without the contract of one, they are on a mission to change the way independent artists structure their music business and teams. Having evolved from the flagship company Pressed PR, the newly launched PressedFresh Collective offers everything from distribution (via FreshNoise Distro) to public relations, social media strategy, booking, visual branding, streaming promotion, digital marketing, and more – proving to be a comprehensive resource for artist development.

Speaking on the nature of the partnership and the year ahead, Jones added, “I know that they will be an invaluable resource for the artists we work with, and I can’t wait to see how this relationship and brand continue to evolve. Expect big things for 2023!”

The partnership with V13 Promotions signals an expansion for PressedFresh as V13’s team brings decades of experience to the collective and increases the capacity at which PressedFresh can provide services to artists. “As a highly intentional team – we take great care to not only curate our partners… but to curate and limit the number of artists we work with at any given time so that we can ensure we are providing the appropriate amount of time and attention to each person on our roster,” says Dawn Jones, founder of PressedFresh Collective. “This new partnership will allow us to serve even more artists than before at the same quality that our roster has come to expect from our team. We’re excited to be able to bring in more people to our tight-knit community.

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