PureGrainAudio.com and PlanetLoud.tv Merge; PlanetLoud.tv Going Offline by January 2015

PureGrainAudio.com and PlanetLoud.tv enter into partnership whereby PlanetLoud.tv will be taken offline and its staff and content will be absorbed by PureGrainAudio.

Toronto, Ontario, December 2015 – Leading Canadian hard rock/metal website PureGrainAudio.com is pleased to announce its takeover of PlanetLoud.tv. Effective immediately, the renowned and ever-growing UK-based website, PlanetLoud.tv, has merged with PureGrainAudio.com, helping to grow PureGrain’s global reach and solidify its presence in the UK and Europe.

While PureGrainAudio already sees significant EU and UK traffic (UK, Germany, France, and Spain are all in site’s top 10 highest trafficking countries) this addition will allow for a mass increase in traffic, content, and relationships. Christopher Gonda, PureGrainAudio‘s CEO and Publisher said, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Graham for several years now. Having him take on the role of Managing Editor, UK/EU gives me all the confidence that PureGrainAudio is going to explode in those regions.”

PlanetLoud.tv is a UK-based website which offers rock, metal, hardcore and punk news, reviews, interviews, photos and much more. Founded in 2007, site owner Graham Finney says of the merger: “With the number of new online sites growing monthly, the option to merge with an established reputable source such as PureGrainAudio was a no-brainer as it gives me the opportunity to bring more exciting content from the UK and Europe to a much wider audience.”

With very few independent websites in the UK given access to cover some of the biggest rock acts on the planet (Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Guns n’ Roses, Kiss, etc.) whilst also maintaining their “supporting the underdog” ethic, PureGrainAudio believes this new relationship will help increase exposure for the ever-expanding rock/metal scenes in the UK and across Europe.

About PureGrainAudio:
PureGrainAudio.com was founded in March of 2005 and has steadily grown over the past 9 years into one of Canada’s premiere Rock/Metal websites. Boasting a team of nearly 25 writers, photographers and journalists in over 15 major cities worldwide, the site posts between 15-30 new articles daily with over 37,000 total articles published to date.

Contact Information:
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